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  • If you’re looking for a podcast with straight to the point informative conversations, this is the podcast for you. I had an educational and thought provoking experience when I listened to Mike’s first episode. Left me confident to tackle the rest of my day!

  • Mike’s podcast is entertaining and useful. He comes across as very down to earth and relatable, making information offered easier to retain. He’s wise beyond his years and I look forward to each new podcast. Thanks, Mike!

  • Mike Miller has a very special set of skills that allows him to successfully reach out to his target audience and lift them up spiritually. Mike seems to choose topics wisely and his great personality and well developed speaking skills, manages to deliver an enthusiastic, well thought out and incredibly motivating message each time I listen to him. Very happy that I get the opportunity to follow his Podcast!

  • Mike asks the perfect questions to some wise and experienced guests, making for an engaging conversation full of simple and practical advice. Perfect for anyone in their 20s, especially recent college grads!